Hi, I am Vidhi!

Welcome to My Blog! Enjoy! 


I am an Indian American who loves to style up in ethinc and western wear. I am a fusion between traditional and modern. Always on the go, around town or traveling. I drink a lot of coffee and chai to keep up with my fashion craze! 

I often get asked why I love blogging. My passion for blogging stems from finding my personal style and helping others discover their own. A major part of my personal style is defined by my Indian side. I have as many Indian clothes (if not more) than non-Indian. Being an Indian American blogger/influencer means I have an extraordinary platform to discuss these very different styles, the myriad of techniques used, and yes, sometimes I even complain about having to use multiple closets to house these diverse pieces! 

This is my blog for a modern woman who loves a touch of tradition. I hope to inspire many with different trends and styles. 

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