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Ok, so you all know by now that one of my personal style mantras is that accessories can make or break an outfit. Whether it's the perfect necklace, bangles, or even a purse, accessories are the garnish to make your outfit a feast for the eyes. Particularly important in the list of ingredients for accessories are earrings, because they are one of the first things people see when talking with you. Much like a chef picks the perfect components to enhance a dish, I love earrings because they are a great way to incorporate texture and color to transform an outfit into a signature look. And just like finding that cute, local restaurant with the best food, I'm always on the prowl for cute places to buy the best accessories.

So imagine my excitement when I got the opportunity to become a brand ambassador (a 'Clay Bae'- how cute is that?!) for a terrific local business called Luna + Saya. Located in Tucson, AZ, Luna + Saya earrings are handcrafted with polymer clay, a versatile material that comes in an infinite array of colors and can be molded into amazing shapes. Each piece is carefully sculpted into unique, one-of-a-kind designs and sizes. Oven baked, the material is lightweight yet resilient, and the colors stay bright without fading. On a recent trip to NYC and around town in Tucson, the earrings were so comfortable that I would have forgotten I was wearing them- except that I kept getting asked where I got them! What's more, I have been able to seamlessly wear them with with my Indian attire as well. The bold color doesn't get lost even with the most intricate clothing design; the shape is fun and modern; and unlike my other more traditional Indian accessories, my ears don't hurt at all!

Use my code while shopping and get 10% off any purchase: COFFEEVSCHAI10

Use my code while shopping and get 10% off any purchase: COFFEEVSCHAI10

I'm proud to be a Clay Bae for such a great, local business that makes a quality and versatile product. Treat yourself and family to an awesome gift! Your outfits and ears will thank you :)

Use my code: COFFEEVSCHAI10 and get 10% off any purchase!

Please Note: Although I have partnered with Luna + Saya, I always strive to give my honest review. Please contact Luna + Saya regarding any orders.

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