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For as long as I can remember, I've never been a backpack kind of girl. Growing up, I did everything I could to avoid carrying what I always thought were clunky sacks that always sat weirdly on my shoulders and gave me weird creases on my school clothes. Wanting my bag to complement a certain look, I found myself carrying larger and larger handbags that soon became achy-shoulder bags. While I normally always pack a large purse or handbag for a trip, I recently decided it was time for a change when packing for our Switzerland vacation. I searched for a soft, lightweight, and stylish bag that could go with all my outfits at many online and brick-and-mortar retailers. As evidenced by the online reviews, this bag from Express was well rated for quality and I loved the style and cuteness factor.


Remarkably spacious, I was able to carry a list that included: 1. Wallet 2. Passports 3. Sunglasses 4. Hand saniitizer 5. Handcream 6. Rain Jacket 7. Shawl  

Lightweight and secured on my back, I found it easy to be handsfree and felt balanced- even when walking up a snowy mountain! With a handbag/purse there's a constant tug and readjustment (not to mention shoulder pain). This backpack also allowed me to be more stress free- I always worry about my purse being stolen off my shoulder especially in crowded areas. Below are just a few pictures of my trip from Switzerland with my new bag! 

Some thoughts: 

• Make your journey more hassle free: Carry a backpack and be handsfree!

• Especially when traveling to places where theft is a concern, a backpack may be more preferable compared to a more easily snatchable handbag.  

• Travel bag packs don't have to be bulky, they can be cute and stylish too. There are many brands out there that offer a variety. Look in stores that specialize in bags, but also expand your search to include your favorite clothing stores- they just might have the right bag to go with your favorite outfit.


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