Leaning Tower of Palazzo


When I think of summer style, breezy Palazzo pants always come to mind. Palazzo pants flare outward from the hips down, a cut that's as fun, comfortable, and visually appealing as a sun dress, but more functional. Originally worn as working women's solutions to strict dress codes in the 1960s and based on avant-garde 1940s trouser styles made famous by Hollywood actresses like Katharine Hepburn, Palazzo pants are a timeless must-have for looking stylish in a fast-paced world.  

Palazzo pants are a fashionable and functional addition to any wardrobe. With a variety of colors and patterns available from so many retailers and designers, it's easy to find Palazzos that are professional for the office, comfortable for errand-running, and stylish for a night on the town.

These pants, from well-known Indian designer Rajdeep Ranawat, have a special place in my wardrobe. I found them in a wonderful boutique with an awesome selection and great service, Fashion by Rohini, next to some beautiful traditional Indian outfits. While reflecting traditional design with an intricate pattern and delicate detailing, the soft and light cotton material is playful with a contemporary Palazzo cut that declares: Modern Indian Woman. 


Because of the rich design and embellishments, I went simple with the other elements of the outfit. The Forever 21 blue tank pairs nicely for a hot summer day. The simple accessories from Kenneth Cole and white watch from Swarovski add a little sparkle; and the basic cross body purse from Michael Kors with heels from Marshalls finish the look. By keeping the other elements of the outfit simple, the focus stays on the Palazzo pants, the star of the summer wardrobe.


Some general tips: 

  • Palazzo pants come in many prints and colors, pick the one that is best for you that can be dressed up or down depending on the day. 
  • If  you have pants with intricate detailing, try to keep the focus on them throughout your look.

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