Shorts, Shorts, Shorts


With just a short time left until the end of summer, there's no better time to sneak in a short post about, you guessed it, shorts! In the next few weeks, stores will flood clearance racks with pair after pair of shorts with a myriad of lengths, cuts, and materials. Truth is, for most of my life I was never really confident wearing shorts. As a girl in India, shorts were either the bottom half to an always ill-fitting school uniform or the skimpy accompaniment to a flashy ensemble in a Bollywood "item number". Maybe it's because of this dichotomous view that, even after coming to America (where women wearing shorts was more socially acceptable, despite a rocky history), it still took me until my late twenties to really start experimenting with shorts. I tried everything from daisy dukes and hot pants to Bermuda and cargo shorts, but always felt that what I was wearing was either "too leggy" or "too boxy." After years of trial and error, I've found that a straight fit, mid-thigh, textured material works best for versatility in my wardrobe, and for most leg types.

That's how I came across these shorts from Express. Black and white with a wonderful texture, these cotton shorts have a sleek look that shout confidence. Mid-thigh in length, they are acceptable in lots of situations, with delicate seams that don't make you forget femininity. Paired with flats or heels, blouse or tank, they never fail at bridging the dressy day-to-night look. The black and white patterned print make them really easy to pair with just about every shirt or tank in my closet. 

For a casual day out, I paired them with a lightweight ivory tank from Express, ever-so-comfortable Bandolino white sandals, a simple Michael Kors bag, and a light necklace. The little belt completes the look.


Some pointers:

• Fashion should bring out the confidence in you. If you aren't liking how you look in a particular piece, just remember that there isn't a type of clothing that you can't wear, it's just that you haven't found the right piece yet.

• Never shy away from a style with trying out many. There are lots of different cuts and materials out there to flatter any body shape or sensibility. Find yours and own it! 

• It took me until my late twenties-early thirties to find the style of shorts that I like. I try to find pieces that match easily and last for a long time. I own just three pairs, but get plenty of use out of them!


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