Oh So Chenille!


Dressing up for winter has always been a challenge for me. Having lived most of my life in warmer climates, I struggle to pack when traveling to cooler climates. Some say, "dress in layers" while others say, "have one good coat that works for everything." Luckily, I still choose to live in a warmer climate. As you may know, I've recently moved to Arizona where the 300 days of sunshine and 95 degree temps are simply paradise! But what's a girl to do when the temperature falls below the frigid-for-Arizona temperature of 70 degrees?

Well, sweaters, of course!

I am a huge fan of sweaters- the colors, styles, and fabrics available are great. A new trend in fabrics does just this: chenille. Now, chenille is certainly not a brand new fabric; in Indian clothing, it's been very popular for winter styles for decades. Chenille is a soft and shimmery woven yarn fabric that lays gently but still blocks out stiff winter wind. So, I was elated when I went on a recent shopping spree and saw two chenille sweaters to add to my small winter closet. I was immediately drawn to the velvety feel and vibrant shine of the fabric. These sweaters come in a wide array of colors that serve to perfectly transition between focused work-wear and comfortable home-wear. I have styled them with my favorite pair of black jeans and boots.

Fun Fact: Chenille comes from the word meaning "catepillar" in French! This, of course, refers to the chenille yarn that's woven to make chenille pieces- it's soft and fuzzy, just like little catepillars :)


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