Let's Talk Denim


Have you ever looked in your closet and seen how many denim items you own? I know my closet consists of various denim items, and whether its a pair of jeans, a jacket, a shirt, or a skirt, there is always something denim I can wear no matter the season. So let’s talk denim! Denim has been around for a long long time. It comes from a durable fabric Serge de Nîmes made in Nîmes, France (hence the name, de Nimes-->denim). Initially, it's durable quality made denim perfect for workers who needed sturdy, long lasting clothes. Over the years, Denim has moved beyond those initial jeans and overalls to various style trends.

Two of my favorite denim styles are a comfortable casual skirt and a denim jacket to layer on top of any outfit especially when going on a vacation. Check out my two denim looks from two recent trips below.

During a steamy mid-summer trip to Jamaica, I took my favorite denim skirt for a fun day out in the town of Negril. What I love about this skirt is the slight flare that makes it easy to sit by the pool having a drink, walking in town for some shopping, or dancing the day away! The skirt is breezy and super comfortable, and by pairing it with a simple tank, I stayed cool on a hot and humid day in town and at the beach.

For a much milder early-Spring Sedona trip I carried a lightweight boxy cut denim jacket that I was able to layer on top of this summer shift dress. Although Sedona can get pretty hot during the day, the nights cool down significantly so it really helps to have a light jacket that can easily be worn. Whether doing some off road touring in a Jeep, or dining out at a restaurant, this jacket works and will be part of my wardrobe for years to come.


The possibilities with Denim are endless, and this is just scratching the surface. Who knows, maybe I'll try a Denim saree next!

Thank you for reading. Share your thoughts below. 

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