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6 months, 8 destinations, over 30,000 miles. Traveling this much can be tough, especially if you love getting out, seeing all the sights, and exploring new destinations all while wearing the perfect ensemble.  If you're a shoe lover like me, you know that shoes can make or break your outfit (something my hubby has not grasped yet). Usually when I've had to choose between pairs, I've chosen cuteness over comfort. However, after some of my recent travels left me with sore feet and blisters, I truly learned the importance of foot care when on the go. And, as I've learned in medicine, the best type of care is often preventive- try to make sure problems don't start in the first place! Thus, I went on a search for the perfect travel shoe that was cute and comfortable.  

After months of searching I finally found a pair that passes my cuteness and chic test while being extra comfy. These New Balance FlipDuo reversible insoles have massaging beads on one side and imprint foam on the other to keep my feet cushioned. The first time I put them on, I was in love with the way my feet felt. So, I decided to take them on my trip to Tucson to try them out. I wore them everywhere- from the airport and all throughout the city- and I have never felt better. My hubby and I average 20,000 steps a day when we travel; in a city like Tucson which has all kinds of terrain from desert to mountains, these shoes got put to work! They more than stood up to the test- the best way I described the feeling to my hubby was, "I wonder if this is what walking on clouds is like." 

Check out some of my Tucson pictures with these awesome shoes.

Best part: my hubby loves that I no longer have to pack my whole shoe closet. 

Though I bought these shoes for travel purposes, they are great for anyone who does a lot of walking daily. I know I will surely wear them while running errands. 

I love mine in black to match most everything in my closet. What will be your perfect color? Shop the shoes below to keep your feet happy. 


General Thoughts: 

  • Don't let sore feet dampen your travels. A good travel shoe is a great investment. 
  • I still pack a pair of heels in my suitcase for a dinner date or night on the town. Plus flip-flops if it's a beach trip.
  • Happy feet make for happy travels. 

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