Thrilled About Threads


Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, spring is here! Warmer weather means more places and destinations to explore with hubby, different seasonal foods and workout regimens, and of course, new fashion trends that are especially fun at the beginning of the spring season. Spring is all about fun: colors, prints, designs, and vibrancy. One trend this spring that I am crushing on is embroidery. Whether on a top, dress, or purse, embroidery adds so much flare by incorporating a textured, 3D element of color. 

Embroidery as an art has been unencumbered by boundaries of time or geography- spanning over many centuries and cultures. Ancient embroidery can be seen in the historical clothing of Egypt, India, and China where it often represented wealth; though, over time these statement pieces have become much more ubiquitous. It's amazing that just a needle and some thread can add so much depth to create visually stunning patterns and designs on fabric.

Of all the ways to add depth and color, floral embroidery has always caught my eye. It's no surprise, then, that my first spring outfit this year is this gorgeous embroidered skirt (which, admittedly, my hubby spotted first at the store!). The bold yet intricate thread work makes it a fun piece to match any color blouse. Here I styled it with a simple solid color cardigan which complements the threadwork's pink hues. 


Of course there are many embroidered items to choose from this spring, as stores are stocked with everything from statement pieces to casual looks. Check out some of the embroidered inventory in my closet that I am excited to carry this season. 



Inspired Styles

What embroidered pieces do you see in your closet this spring? Hit like and comment below. Thank you for reading. 

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